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LCN Nailbar

Om LCN Nailbar:

LCN has a 100 year pedigree, manufactures its own range of high quality cosmetic products, including gel polish, and has demonstrated the success of its ‘pod’ retail model in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway. The unit is located in high traffic locations such as malls and department stores – and of course, customers come to the unit, so it enjoys lower marketing costs.

We offer full training and support facilities will be provided by our DK product distributor. 


Beskrivelse af koncept

With our unique Cube we are placed in the middle of a shopping mall – but not in a shop location: rather in the walkway, where all passers-by can’t help but see our stand and see our brand.

LCN Nailbar uses the best quality products from Wilde Group for the very best customer service.
Our advantages (USP) in an overview:
•   Following mega trends:
- beauty consciousness, naturalness
- Low investment
- Fast and easy implementation
- Easy finding of locations in shopping malls
- Best training in our professional training centre in - - Oestrich Winkl
- Excellent return on investment
- Best ratio between investment, competence,   working time, security and income

LCN Nailbar is an easy-to-handle business model
The following is an overview of the services we provide at the nail bar. The services and prices can vary from country to country.
- basic manicure
- manicure, hand massage, nail polish
- nail bath, hand massage, nail polish
- pandering program – all inclusive
- full service manicure for men
- colour polish + manicure
- nail extension
- long lasting nail polish
- only nail polish

The price range in Germany in 2015 is from 17.95 €up to 69.95 €. In each country the master partner is free to calculate his/her own prices according to the national price level.

Because we don't invest in advertising we are dependent on the customer frequency in a mall. The customer sees the cube and people sitting there. It can be easily seen what kind of service is provided and the range is in an open display. 

Her søger vi

Storkøbenhavn, Sjælland, Bornholm, Fyn, Nordjylland, Midtjylland, Østjylland, Sydjylland


Personlig pleje og service
Findes i følgende lande: 
Tyskland, Østrig, Norge, Sverige
Antal kædeenheder total: 


Det forventer vi os af dig: 

The master is responsible for:

  • Testing the system in his territory
  • Running his own pilot store for further innovations
  • Finding franchisees
  • Introducing the new franchisees into the system 

  • Training the franchisees and their staff
  • Building a functional communication within the network
  • Motivating the franchisees
  • Maintaining close connections with the local LCN 

  • Quality control
  • Exchanging experience via meetings and
Nødvendig egenkapital: 
250.000 - 500.000 kr.
Ekstra information: 

Income for a master
Regional Franchise Owners will generate income through:

  • Sales of the franchise licences (Initial Fee) 

  • Ongoing Royalties (approximately 5% minimum 500 €per month) 

  • Kick-back from product purchasing (10-15 %) 

  • Net profit from his/her own pilot store. 

Territory of license: Denmark Term of agreement: Master Franchisee 10 years – franchisee 5 years Renewal of agreement: Possible Initial master territory Fee: 60.000 EURO

Initial unit territory fee: To be determined with the future master Royalty pr. unit: Single unit 5% (min 500 Euro pr. Month) – Master EURO 200 pr. unit

Initial investment pr. unit: 3 work stations URO 38.300 – 6 wok stations  EURO 41.600

Size of unit (if required): 8 sqm. (3 workplaces) eller 12 sqm (6 workplaces) Situation of unit: Stations, Buying Malls, Airports, Departement Stores etc.

KaSa Nailbar GmbH
Rheingaustrasse 19
65375 Oestrich Winkel

CVR: 10254

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