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Franchise Business Opportunity Pirnar
What does Pirnar offer?
The brand Pirnar is one of the most admired brands of door entrances in the world. It creates the greatest customer admiration, it develops the most innovations every year, it offers the most uncompromisingly designed and masterfully crafted entrances and the best thermally insulated aluminum doors in the world. Pirnar entrances regularly receive prizes for a multitude of technical and formal innovations, including three prestigious German Design Awards.
Rapid growth.
PIRNAR is a fast-growing family business. The company‘s origins date back to 1968, when a family crafting workshop was formed. Today, PIRNAR is Europe‘s leading innovator in the field of aluminum entrances. It is a fast-growing family owned business with about 200 employees and a highly developed sales network across several continents. It has more than 100 partners in Germany. It combines cutting-edge technical development, award winning industrial design, ingenious materials processing, systematically organised production and successful marketing with sales and reliable transportation. Customers recognise our products by their superb precision and perfected details, which cannot be made by machine. All products are handmade.

Beskrivelse af koncept

Pinar presentation video: Pirnar_commercial_30s_noVO_GDA.mp4

Why is it so easy to sell in Pirnar franchise?
PIRNAR entrances enthrall customers.
PIRNAR makes an impression. Innovative design, perfected workmanship, sophisticated details and surfaces and integrated lighting ... PIRNAR fascinates. Customers are happy to buy what they admire.
Every item sold brings an average of 4 new potential buyers.
And it does this without advertising or any other kind of promotion. Just the fact that you have sold one entrance will bring you an average of 4 new customers who were convinced by the item sold.
The marketing support is excellent.
A detailed sales process, impressive printed materials, unique salon furniture and labelling and excellent support from order to delivery ... Uncompromising.
Is the Pirnar franchise right for you?
PIRNAR is an ideal franchise opportunity for ambitious people. If you have been thinking about offering something new, revolutionary and different on your market, an attractive product that sells excellently and easily and where you can gain high earnings and reputation with customers at the same time, Pirnar is the right partner for you. Experience in selling luxury or expensive products is not required, but it is desirable. It is also desirable to have good leadership and management skills and to be good at training other people.
“With our unique and simple sales system, we sell 900 doors annually in our central salonshowroom.”
Why is a model from PIRNAR more competitive than similar models?
We perform all key activities in-house.
The vast majority of our competitors assemble items they receive from subcontractors. We do everything by ourselves, so we can be much more competitive than other companies on the market. At PIRNAR, the customer always receives more than they do elsewhere.
No compromises.
Anywhere. We pay great attention to detail, because no detail is insignificant on the way to an integral whole. If necessary, we choose the more difficult path, as long as the end result is flawless.
We do what our competition cannot do.
A machine has its limits, but the craftsman’s hand does not. At PIRNAR, the most beautiful and sensitive parts are completed manually. Nothing leaves the company until it has been made into a masterpiece.
We are full of surprises every day, every year.
PIRNAR has an unquenchable desire for improvement. We always move the boundaries of what is possible. Innovation is not merely a phrase for us, it is what we do every day.
This is Pirnar.
Prize-winning design. Beautifully handcrafted masterpieces. Bespoke European craftsmanship. Most carefully selected materials. World innovations.

Her søger vi

Storkøbenhavn, Sjælland, Bornholm, Fyn, Nordjylland, Midtjylland, Østjylland, Sydjylland


Detailhandel og dagligvarer
Findes i følgende lande: 
Slovenia, UK, Germany, Austria
Antal kædeenheder total: 
Antal kædeenheder i Danmark: 
Antal kædeenheder i hjemland: 


Det forventer vi os af dig: 
What we expect from you as a master: 
- An entrepreneur who has a stable sales company, or someone in management position who has been planning for a while to begin their own business but has not made the first step due to various reasons.
- Someone wishing to go beyond the limits of comfortable, always willing to learn and to grow professionally. If you were in position as sales coach that is an advantage.
- Someone who has high self-esteem, who respects independence and is emotionally stable. Someone who likes to plan their work autonomously and to perform their tasks in their area by themselves, who takes care of their customers/partners, and of aftersales activities, and reports on their work.
- Someone who values pretty things and enjoys using them. Who values craftwork and always seeks the best for themselves. Someone whose outward appearance also shows their professional attitude.
- Someone who cherish and respect everything what FAMILY stand for.
Company/entrepreneur managing the trade of expensive/luxury items, such as vehicles, vessels, houses, kitchens, luxury watches, etc., is at an advantage.

No construction knowledge is necessary for becoming expert on the market of front doors. What we expect:
- To open and manage a number of stores in designated territory.
- To master technical details of the doors and our sales techniques. At the beginning follow each order from order conformation until final installation is done.
- To follow our guidelines but you should be able to present local exceptions and propose solutions.
- To motivate your employees and guide them to follow our sales techniques.   
 What the master can expect
The PIRNAR franchise is one of the shortest paths to success. The transition to a profitable and successful franchise unit is quick because of the verified and highly detailed procedures that are used in Pirnar‘s salons around the world.

For success you need the will and desire to succeed. Experience in sales is not necessary, but it is desirable. You will acquire all the knowledge you need before you start working, through one basic training for all employees, followed by regular training sessions, throughout the entire franchise lease period.

All sales tools and equipment are available immediately. Nothing is left to chance – all marketing materials are available without exception, including interior equipment and external labelling, which will make your salon perfect from the very first day.

Køb af rettighed: 
€ 50.000
Min. 80 Kvm. anskaffes af master
Indretning, lager, biler mv.: 
Showroom € 80-100.000 pr. unit
Outskirts major cities
Løbende franchise royalty: 
4% of gross turnover, year 2 and onwards
Nødvendig egenkapital: 
500.000 - 1.000.000 kr.
Ekstra information: 
The initial investment is GBP € 80,000 - 120,000 and includes a franchise license, all forms of education, sales and marketing tools, training, help with the equipment and opening, interior equipment, salon patterns, online advertising and the right to use the PIRNAR name and business model. The precise value of the investment also depends on the size of the sales area. 
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Pirnar d.o.o.
Bravničarjeva ulica 20
Sl-1000 Ljubljana

CVR: 644082
http://www.pirnar.co.uk, http://www.pirnarfranchise.com

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